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Welcome to Plexippus Photography.  This site is named for my Favorite butterfly, the Monarch, Danaus plexippus.  I have done quite a bit of butterfly photography at butterfly houses, gardens, and fields.  I have also done macrophotography of other small animals, and of larger animals at zoos and in the wild. I currently live in Toronto, Canada, and occasionally visit Bloomington, Indiana, my most recent home within the United States.

I especially like to photograph models, cosplayers, belly dancers, yogis, acrobats and burlesque performers.  I am currently featuring beautiful images of Chanzlyn as a Harvest goddess, and Beau Troy as a Victorian lady, and as the superheroine Black Canary.  I am also featuring images two hoopers and acroyogis, Gabby and Alexa. This site is growing slowly, with more images to post, with models including Taversia, Beau Troy, Birdie Bang Bang, and Fekona Soulstar.

I photograph events, including burlesque and dance performances. I am currently featuring the Different Drummer Belly Dancers, Angel Burlesque, and the Flow Motion Chiller.

I have done lots of scenic photography, from Michigan, to Vancouver, Canada, to Arizona.  Look for more of it to be posted soon. In the mean time, you can enjoy my winter landscape photos from Dunn Woods on the campus of Indiana University.

I have photographed many science exhibits and museums and am currently featuring a photo essay on the Apollo 15 command module, which I photographed on display at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

I am always looking for models to photograph to build my portfolio.  I can offer you free copies of the images in exchange for posing for me.  If you are interested, you can contact me by e-mail at paul.patton@mail.utoronto.ca  I have lots of photos to add to this page and am gradually doing so as time permits.  Please check back often.

Besides this site, you can also check out my Plexippus Photography facebook site , and my site on Model Mayhem